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Whitstable Bay Organic Ale Gets A New Look

Kentish brewer Shepherd Neame has revealed it’s organic ale, Whitstable Bay, has got a new look and becomes part of a range of Whitstable beers.


The organic ale is joined by a pale ale and blonde lager – both non-organic – and are being released under the brewery’s revived Faversham Steam Brewery identity fro the 18th century.

Available in 500ml bottles at 4.5% abv it’s described as “an elegant, appetising, dark blonde organic ale imbued with delicate, sweet summer fruit and smooth soda bread undertones. Clean, crisp and incredibly quaffable.”.

You can see a video review of it in its original bottle here.

The European Beer Bloggers Conference 2012 Is Here

Today I’m off to the European Beer Bloggers Conference 2012 in Leeds and I can’t wait. They’ll be lots of tweets, photos, videos, posts and of course blogging.

To give you a taste of what it’s like, the video is from last year’s conference courtesy of Mr Drink ‘N’ Eat.

I should say thanks in advance to this year’s sponsors:
Molson Coors UK
Pilsner Urquell
Shepherd Neame
Hall and Woodhouse
Williams Bros. Brewing Co.
Magic Rock Brewing

And a few others I’m sure I’ll find out about and thank afterwards.

Samuel Smith’s Organic Lager Review

Sam Smith's Organic Lager

Samuel Smith’s Organic Lager.

£1.55 from Vintage Roots or at Sam Smith’s pubs.

5% abv.

A tasty, fruity, full-bodied organic lager.

Three Beers

Brakspear Oxford Gold Organic Beer Review

Brakspear Oxford Gold Organic Beer.

£1.95 from Vintage Roots or supermarkets.

Soil Association approved.

4.6% abv.

A zesty beer that’s great.

Three Beers

The corkscrew

As any wine drinker will tell you, the corkscrew is like a best friend. Well unless you have a screw top bottle that is.

I like the simplicity of the engineering of the corkscrew, I often volunteer to open the bottle of wine, even though I don’t drink it, just to use it. I also enjoy the rattle of it (also used as the noise of the sonic screwdriver in Doctor Who fact fans) and it feels nice and weighty in my hands.

It’s a man’s bottle opener this one.


Weisse Bavarian Wheat Beer Review

Weisse Bavarian Wheat Beer

Weisse Bavarian Wheat Beer.

£2.20 from Vintage Roots – they sell a slightly different version now to the one I tried.

5.2% abv.

Not particularly suited to my tastes but is a decent wheat beer and nice and fruity.

Two Beers

The Bud

The Bud bottle open is a fun little thing I picked up from err somewhere. I’ve no idea actually, I may have got in free when I was on holiday in America a few years back.

As a promotional item it’s pretty sturdy and although it’s got a few cracks in it’s varnish/coating it’s still strong and works very well. Doesn’t stand up that well due to that very varnish has created a little bump at the bottom but I still like it. Not sure where you could pick one up though, perhaps eBay.

Whitstable Bay Organic Ale Review

Whitstable Bay Organic Ale

Shepherd Neame’s Whitstable Bay Organic Ale.

£1.85 from Vintage Roots.

4.5% abv.

Soil Association and Vegetarian Society approved.


Can opener

This is one of those emergency bottle openers – there’s a few different ones I use – but the can opener is a last resort really.

Unwieldy, clunky and cumbersome, it’s only for use if you can’t find anything else. Also confusingly it has two sides which you can use to open bottles but neither look like it can do it. Takes a couple of hacks to open a bottle too, it tends to slip as there’s not much surface area for friction.

You can get one from any good kitchen🙂

Can opener

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