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Laverstoke Park Farm Organic Real Ale Review

Laverstoke Park Farm Organic Real Ale

Laverstoke Park Farm Organic Real Ale.

£2.50 available from supermarkets or online.

CAMRA real ale and Soil Association certified.

5% abv.

Two Beers

Plastic keyring bottle opener

Ahhh the free promotional item favourite. I think I got this one inside a cracker. I used to have a great Sam Adams one somewhere but I presume it broke. That’s the problem with these free ones, they’re not very robust.

But it opens bottles, which is the main thing, and it’s light so can be added to your keys without much problem meaning it’s handy when needed. I don’t really use it to be honest but I might add it to my keys…

Keyring bottle opener

Vintage Roots’ Organic German Lager Review

Vintage Roots' Organic German Lager

Vintage Roots’ Organic German Lager.

£1.99 from Vintage Roots.

5% abv.

A very fruity and refreshing Bavarian-style beer.

Two Beers

Tie bottle opener

Well it’s not actually a tie, although I’d like to see that made, but a bottle opener shaped like a tie.

It’s not mine either, it was a present from my auntie to my father. Made of pewter, it’s all one piece of metal shaped to look like a tie. What I like about it is the little bend in it as if someone is wearing it and on the reverse there’s even the little triangle bit at the bottom you get on real ties.

It gets scratched pretty easily so I don’t use it much and I best return it anyway…

Tie bottle opener

Samuel Smith’s Organic Best Ale Review

Sam Smith's Organic Best Ale

Samuel Smith’s Organic Best Ale.

£2.20 from Vintage Roots or selected shops.

Soil Association certified and approved for vegans.

A golden, fruity and lovely ale.

Three Beers

Ring bottle opener

A present from my brother this one. It’s, as the name suggests, a ring you put on your finger to open your bottle with.

My cousin can actually do it with his wedding ring but I wouldn’t recommend that, must be causing some damage. But this is specifically made for opening bottles.

As you can see from the picture, it works best if the opening part is actually on the underside of your hand, and I suppose it looks better to have a silver/pewter band on the top of your finger.

Works pretty well too, takes a few goes to get the technique right but once you have it, it’s a nifty little gadget. If you want one yourself, check out eBay, they have lots.

Ring bottle opener

Freedom Organic Dark Lager Review

Freedon Dark Lager

Freedom Organic Dark Lager.

£1.50 from Vintage Roots or on draft at selected pubs and bars.

4.7% abv.

Blurs the lines between lager and bitter – in a tasty way.

Three Beers

Kværner bottle opener

A bit of a mystery this one. Something I found in the back of the kitchen drawer. It’s amazing that drawer. When I went in the drawer to get a couple of the other bottle openers I just kept bringing them out. I don’t ever remember seeing this bottle opener before.

It’s a bit grubby but works as you would expect and is simply a bit of metal and plastic stuck together. On the underside are some ridges which I suspect are there to help you open twist off bottle tops.

Looking on Wikipedia, Kværner “was a Norway-based engineering and construction services company in existence between 1853 and 2005 when it was merged with Aker ASA. The Kværner name was used in the subsidiary Aker Kværner until April 3, 2008 when it changed name to Aker Solutions”.

So presumably this was a free, branded promotional product. On the reverse it says ‘Made in Germany’ and elsewhere ‘Plastolan’ which thanks to the power of Google links to the company’shere and is a German company – ahhh it all makes sense.


Badger Dandelion Organic Ale Review

Badger Danelion Organic Ale

Badger Dandelion Organic Ale.

£2.30 from Vintage Roots or supermarkets.

4.5% abv.

Nice aroma and mellow taste. Also try the Badger ale made with nettles – Stinger.

Two Beers

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